Assistant Instructor Trainer (AIT) program


This program is 110 hours in length.  The student must have completed the MSDT Program, equivalent, or higher to enroll. 

This program provides the student with the knowledge, concepts, and training necessary to organize and conduct the Assistant Instructor training program.  

This course trains the student in evaluating and teaching professional level SCUBA courses.  In addition to the other courses the student can teach, this course allows the student to teach the Assistant Instructor Course.

The program consists of the following course:

  • Assistant Instructor Trainer (AIT)

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Assistant Instructor Trainer (AIT)

Course Prerequisites:

18 years of age or older;

Completion of the MSDT Program, equivalent, or higher from a recognized training organization.

CPR, First Aid, and Oxygen Administration training completed within the previous 24 months of completion of the course;

and be medically evaluated and cleared for diving by a physician within the previous 12 months.

Course Hours: 110.

Course Description: The Assistant Instructor Trainer course teaches the student how to evaluate instructor candidates.

During the class sessions, the student learns how to evaluate, critique, and help instructor candidates improve.

During the pool sessions, the student learns how to help candidates improve on their skill demonstrations and how to evaluate them.

Upon completion, the student is qualified to conduct the Assistant Instructor course.

Mandatory Equipment:
SSI Digital Textbook

SSI In-Water Eval Slate

Assistant Instructor Trainer Program Cost