aurora reservoir - go local!


If you chose to do your certification dives with UWC in Aurora here's the rundown of your weekend. Please, know that this is a tentative schedule as Scuba Diving courses are all performance based, and not time based.

Meeting times and rental equipment pick ups are according to the information below unless your instructor personally contacts you with variations. 

Please, make sure the staff at UWC have a good phone number and email so the instructor can contact you with any extra details.

Equipment rental Pick Up

Your equipment will be ready to be picked up at Underwater Connection any time after 12pm (noon) on the Friday prior to your Aurora weekend. Your sizing will be done during your Class & Pool sessions.

Please note that you will also be taking tanks along with the rest of your equipment. You will potentially need to switch your empty tanks for full ones at Underwater Connection at the end of your first day of diving. Find more about it below.

Rental pricing:

Prices are per student and per weekend.

$50 - when you own mask, snorkel, fins and boots. *

$75 - when you own mask and snorkel. *

$125 - when you need to rent all the equipment.

* Remember that as an Open Water/Advanced Open Water student you are eligible for 15% discount on those items.

meeting place & times

The SCUBA Diving area is located at the far northeast part of the lake. As you enter the park look for the East Lot sign (with a SCUBA icon) and take a left. That road will take you to the east parking lot below the dam.

You will meet your instructor at the gate for the SCUBA shelters and beach, so all the equipment can be brought in.

The meeting time is 8am on both Saturday and Sunday, unless you are told otherwise by your instructor.

There is a $10/day per car user fee at the Aurora Reservoir, to be paid once you are there, not at UWC.

what to bring

Apart from your scuba equipment, of course, we recommend you bring sunscreen and a couple towels to dry off in between and after your dives. Also make sure to account for the weather, especially if it's Spring or Fall, for it can get windy and you will appreciate having warm layers when you are done. 

For lunch and drinks, UWC will have you covered on Saturday. Please, make your own lunch plans for Sunday. It's also never a bad idea to bring extra water or snacks.

Lastly, bring your Log book so the instructor can sign your training dives!

tentative schedule


2 dives per day on each of Saturday and Sunday.  If all goes well, you may be finished at Aurora by 12-1 pm, and be able to return/swap your tanks to UWC in Colorado Springs.



You will do 3 of your Open Water Diver dives on Saturday, and your final OW Diver dive on Sunday morning.  You will then do 2 adventure dives on Sunday afternoon. The 3 dives you will still need to complete your Advanced will be done at another weekend of your choice.



Training standards only allow 3 training dives per day. Depending on the amount of dives your course requires, your schedule will vary. Your instructor will give you that orientation during class but, please, if there are any questions don't hesitate to contact the UWC Staff.



Depending on the classes you are signed up for there might be between 2 and 3 tanks per diver. Those tanks will need to be switched after your first day of diving.  If you make it back to Colorado Springs before 5pm the retail store will still be open and you can do your tank switch then. If you are not going to be back in time, arrange will be made with your instructor either at the end of the day or right before driving back up on Sunday. 

The above is a tentative schedule, and it is subject to changes.

* You can save up to $250 by adding on courses, like your Advanced Open Water, during the same weekend. Ask the retail staff to learn how!

equipment rental return

Your rental equipment is to be returned no later than the end of the Monday after your weekend. If you are done on Sunday you can still return it then, only if UWC Retail is still open and you have time to rinse it off. 

UWC's opening hours on Sunday are from 11am to 3pm and on Monday from 10am to 6:30pm. 

The equipment is to be returned on the same condition you rented it. Please make sure to rinse it off. If returned dirty you will be charged a $25 cleaning/maintenance fee.