scuba merit badge

Scuba Merit Badge

This program is designed specifically for the Boy Scouts of America and will take them all the way through the certification process. Not only will the Scout receive a Scuba Merit Badge, they will also receive their Open Water Scuba certification card, which they can use to dive all over the world and it never expires.

Program Requirements:

  1. First Aid for diving related illness and injury (can be completed with EFR certification)

  2. Swimming Merit Badge

  3. Discuss Scuba Diver’s Code with your merit badge counselor

  4. Earn your Open Water Scuba certification

  5. Explain what an eco-system is, and describe four aquatic eco-systems a diver might experience

  6. Research Scuba diving occupations and what experience is needed for each

Cost for this course is $479.00 and includes:

Price is valid on a regularly scheduled Open Water Course, we will also apply this pricing to a private class if 6 or more Boy Scouts are signed up.

Underwater Connection has Merit Badge Counselors on staff to help your Scout through the process of certification and finishing their merit badge requirements! Please CONTACT US for more details!