Oxygen First Aid for Scuba Injuries

DAN Oxygen Aid

DAN´s Oxygen First Aid for Scuba Diving Injuries Provider Course was designed to fill the void in oxygen first aid training available for the general diving public.

This course represents entry level training designed to educate you to recognize possible dive related injuries, provide emergency oxygen first aid, as well activate the local emergency medical services (EMS) and/or arrange for evacuation to the nearest available medical facility.

In DAN´s most recent dive accident record, less than 33% of injured divers received emergency oxygen in the field. Few of those received oxygen concentrations approaching the recommended 100%. DAN and all major diving instructional agencies recommend that all divers be qualified to provide 100% oxygen in the field to those injured in a dive accident.

Prerequisites: Must be CPR certified (within the last 24 months).

Course Fees: $65.00

Required Materials: Digital materials will be sent by your instructor once you sign up. Cost is included.