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Underwater Connection, has been serving the Colorado Springs water sports community since 1989. What started as a scuba shop 25 years ago, has now grown into a legacy of aquatic adventures. Now offering everything you need for Whitewater Kayak, SUP, Swimming, Triathlon Aquatics, and of course, Scuba.

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Frequently Asked Questions - UWC of Colorado Springs

All Underwater Connection's FAQ's! Temperature of the pool? Cost of classes? Length of classes? Where to dive? Necessary equipment? Class requirements? Age requirements for lessons?

Scuba FAQ's:

What is the best way to sign up for class?

We have several options to help make signing up for class quick and easy. The easiest way to sign up would be in person at the store, so you can pick up the student materials at the same time. Other options include purchasing your class online and  calling or emailing us. Payment for the course is due in full at the time of sign up, but class materials can be purchased at a later time.

How much do classes cost?

The cost of the OW course itself is $579 and the student materials are $79.95 for the OW Crew Pack and $38 for the OW DVD. What is not included with those prices would be your transportation, meals, park fese and lodging for your open water dives. 

How long does it take to get certified?

With all of our options for taking the class, you can go from not having any certification all the way up to Advanced Open water diver in as little time as two weekends.

Where do you have the certification dives?

We have several options for you to choose from!  The closest option, at Aurora Reservoir, is only available between June and October due to weather conditions. We also can certify you in almost any of our trips to the Caribbean, at the Crater in Utah (warm water) or Blue Hole in New Mexico (cold water). Find more information on all of these options on this link.

Do people really scuba dive in Colorado?

YES! Colorado has one of the highest scuba diver counts in the US. Although there are many places to dive all around Colorado, many people go on our store trips all over the world. With the Caribbean only a plane ride away, there are many options for diving beautiful locations for relatively cheap. You'll find a list of detailed Colorado locations by clicking HERE.

What equipment do I need for class?

Aside from bathing suits and towels, we have absolutely every piece of equipment that you will need for your scuba lessons in our rental department. We always recommend having at least your own scuba mask before class, as the mask is the most important piece of equipment to have fit correctly. Any one of our professional staff on the retail floor are more than happy to help you properly fit a mask so that you can have a fun and enjoyable experience in class. As a student, you get 15% off the purchase of your mask, snorkel, fins, and boots until you get certified.

What do I need to have done before class?

For any of the scuba diving lessons, there is some homework that needs to be done before the first day of class. You will need to have read the entire book, finished all the knowledge reviews at the end of each chapter, watch the entire DVD (if one comes with the student packet), and learn how to use any slate or electronic dive planner that relates to the class.

How old do you have to be in order to become certified?

The youngest age for scuba certification is 10 years old. We also have kids' programs such as Scuba Rangers and Bubblemaker Birthday Parties, in these programs kids need to be 8 years old.

I want to scuba dive, which class should I take?

To be a certified diver, through PADI, you must complete the Open Water Complete Course. This is the first level of scuba certification and allows you to dive anywhere in the world and it never expires!

Swim Lesson FAQ's:

How long does it take to learn how to swim?

How long it takes in order to learn how to swim will vary from person to person. With the program broken up into five color stages, it is easy to see how much you are progressing from week to week, and what lifelong skills you can expect to learn in future lessons.

What will I need for lessons?

You will need to bring a bathing suit, towel, and swim goggles to each lesson. Any children taking a lesson who are not currently potty trained will be required to wear a reusable swim diaper. We have a great selection of goggles, swim caps, and reusable swim diapers for sale. 

How old do you have to be in order to take lessons?

The Star Babies class will be for the youngest soon to be swimmers and those classes start as young as six months old. We offer lessons for all age groups, including adults.

Is the pool warm?

We keep the pool at a comfortable 88 degrees. We also have plenty of extra thermal protection for sale in the store.