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Key Features

- Air, Nitrox, gauge, freedive and off modes

- Full continuous decompression algorithm - Suunto RGBM

- Innovative apnea timer for free diving, and a timer in air/nitrox modes

- Updateable firmware

- Built-in dive planner

- Detailed graphical logs and dive data with your PC/MAC using Suunto DM5 software (Download cable is sold sepratley)

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Suunto Zoop Novo Wrist Computer Features

  • Suunto Zoop Novo Wrist Computer:
  • Wrist Mounted Computer
  • Algorithm: Bruce R. Wienke, BS, MS and PhD, Reduced Gradient Bubble Model (RGBM)
  • Operating Modes: Air and Nitrox
  • Programmable for 21% to 50% Oxygen Mixtures
  • Displays Oxygen Partial Pressures from 17.4 psi to 23.2 psi (1.2 to 1.6 bars)
  • Altitude Adjustable Up to 10,000' (3,000 meters)
  • Maximum Depth Display: 330' (100 meters)
  • 12 or 24 Hour Clock Format
  • Temperature Gauge to 1.5° (1°C) Accuracy
  • Imperial/Metric Programmable
  • Decompression Stop Data
  • Audible Alarms
  • 50 Hour Profile and Logbook Memory
  • User-Replaceable 3 Volt CR2450 Lithium-Ion Battery
  • Back Lite Display, Easy to Read in Low Light & Night Conditions
  • Enlarged Segment Matrix Screen
  • Excellent Contrast & Information w/Bigger/Clearer Digits
  • New 4 Button Interface
  • Easier More Intuitive Diver Use
  • PC Compatible
  • Quick Guide