Open Water Instructor

This is the next step after Assistant Instructor and is designed to pick up right where Assistant Instructor finishes. The Open Water Instructor course expands upon the principles of the AI course and continues to teach candidates how to not only teach in a classroom or confined water setting but in also in an open water environment. Once successfully completing the OWI, candidates are eligible to register for the Instructor Evaluation (IE). After successful completion of the IE, an OWI can teach the following courses including but not limited to:

  • Open Water

  • Advanced Adventurer

  • Stress & Rescue

  • Nitrox

  • Dive Guide

  • Scuba Rangers

  • Try Scuba

  • Perfect Buoyancy

  • Skills Update

An OWI can also qualify to teach any specialty.


  • RSTC Assistant Instructor

  • Must have a RSTC Medical Release signed by a physician within 12 months directly preceding the course, and must be valid throughout (the physician must be a MD or DO. Nurse practitioners and PAs are not valid).

  • Must hold certifications for CPR, First Aid, and Oxygen provider valid within 24 months directly preceding the course, and must be valid throughout.

  • Must hold a RSTC specialty certification for EANx 40%.

  • Must have 75 logged dives totaling 50 hours or more of bottom time. Exit Requirement: 100 dives totaling 65 hours or more of bottom time.

The program consists of 4 sections:

  1. Academics

  2. Confined Water Training

  3. Open Water Training

  4. Instructor Evaluation


During the OWI course you continue to refine classroom presentations. This course prepares you to teach programs from the Open Water diver to Dive Guide. It also covers continuing education programs as well as business of diving topics.

Confined Water Training:

During the confined water training portion of the OWI program you fine tune your confined water teaching presentations as well as get more opportunities to polish your abilities to evaluate student diver skills in the confined water environment.

Open Water Training:

During the Open water training portion of the OWI program you are fine tuning your ability to create open water presentations. You also refine the evaluation and training of student divers in the open water environment.

Instructor evaluation (ie):

The IE is the final exam for an OWI certification. It consists of written exams covering standards and dive physics/physiology, evaluations of classroom, confined water, and open water presentations, as well as evaluating candidates on their ability to recognize and correct problems from students of varying levels.

You will need to show proof of 100 dives totaling 65 hours or more of bottom time to be eligible to attend the Instructor Evaluation.


OW Instructor Course: $1,195

  • All academic sessions.

  • All watermanship sessions.

  • All confined water training.

  • All open water training.

  • Tanks & weights for all sessions.

Course Fees Do Not Include:

  • Assistant Instructor course (prerequisite).

  • Transportation to the open water sites.

  • Hotel Lodging at the open water sites (if necessary).

  • Meals.

  • Equipment rental for open water training / Instructor Examination.

  • Dive permit fees.

  • Student Materials (as listed below).

  • SSI Pro Registration Fee (if you already are a SSI Pro, this fee is not applicable).

  • SSI Instructor Examination Fee ($650).

  • Insurance.

Student Materials:

(All acquired at Assistant Instructor Level)


  • July 5th (6pm to 9pm), 6th (8am to 6pm), 7th (7.30am to 6pm at Aurora Reservoir) & 8th (6pm to 9pm).

  • IE July. 13th & 14th (Aurora Reservoir, southeast of Denver)