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Underwater Connection, has been serving the Colorado Springs water sports community since 1989. What started as a scuba shop 25 years ago, has now grown into a legacy of aquatic adventures. Now offering everything you need for Whitewater Kayak, SUP, Swimming, Triathlon Aquatics, and of course, Scuba.

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SCUBA Instructor - OWSI class in Colorado Springs

Underwater Connection teaches the PADI Instructor course in Colorado Springs; the program consists of knowledge development, confined water development, and open water development.

Open Water Scuba Instructor

This is the next step after the Assistant Instructor Course. This is the course give you the ability to change people's lives. Through the course, you will learn not only how to teach people how to breathe underwater but it will also open up a whole new door to experiences that will last a lifetime. The OWSI course is one of the most rewarding classes you can take.

The Program consists of 3 sections:

  1. Knowledge Development
  2. Confined Water Development
  3. Open Water Development

Knowledge Development:

During the OWSI course we are refining your teaching ability as well as showing you the most current methods of training divers. This course prepares you to teach programs from the Open Water Diver Course to the Divemaster Course. It also prepares you to teach specialty courses as well.

Confined Water Development:

During the confined water development portion of the OWSI program you fine tune your confined water teaching presentations as well as get more opportunities to polish your abilities to evaluate student diver skills in the confined water environment. You will also perform the 20 skills that are in the skill circuit as well as the 800 yard snorkel swim.

Open Water Development:

During the Open water Development portion of the OWSI program you are fine tuning your ability to evaluate student divers in the open water environment. You will also be performing rescues and fine tuning your rescue abilities as well as demonstrating how to conduct a continuing education course.


OW Instructor Course: $1,195

  • All academic sessions
  • All watermanship sessions
  • All Open Water Dives
  • Tanks & weights for all sessions

Course Fees Do Not Include:

  • Assistant Instructor Course (prerequisite)
  • EFR Instructor Course (prerequisite)
  • Transportation to the open water sites
  • Hotel Lodging at the open water sites (if necessary)
  • Meals
  • Equipment for internships
  • Park fees
  • Student Materials
  • PADI Application Fee
  • PADI Instructor Examination Fee

Student Materials:

(All acquired at Assistant Instructor Level)

IDC Crew-Pak

  • Guide to Teaching (with hologram)
  • Best of the Undersea Journal
  • Children & Scuba
  • Business of Diving - on CD
  • Law and the Diving Professional book
  • Confined Water Lesson Planning Slates
  • Open Water Lesson Planning Slates
  • Confined Water Instructor Cue Cards
  • Open Water Instructor Cue Cards
  • Adventures in Diving Instructor Cue Cards
  • Rescue Diver Cue Cards
  • Open Water Quiz and Exam booklet
  • Rescue Diver Exam booklet
  • Divemaster Exam booklet
  • Applications and Forms
  • Positive Approach Selling DVD
  • Specialty Instructor Manual (Digital Version)

To enroll in an OWSI program, an individual must:

Be certified as a PADI Assistant Instructor or hold a leadership level certification with another recreational diver training organization.

Be at least 18 years old. Be fit for diving and submit a Medical Statement for a diving medical examination conducted within the past 12 months. A licensed physician must sign the form and state that the candidate is fit for diving. The physician signing the form may not be the applicant. Have been a certified diver for at least six months and have completed and logged at least 60 open water scuba dives (as documented in the individual’s log book) and have documentation of experience in deep, night, and navigation diving. Submit proof of CPR and first aid training within the last 24 months. Submit documentation of any equivalent certification for entry level, advanced, rescue, and leadership-level issued by another recreational diver training organization. (PADI Members who have these records on file at PADI do not need to resubmit.) If not a PADI Divemaster, successfully complete the PADI Divemaster course diver rescue skills assessment.


  • Dec 1st, 2nd, 3rd, Jan 5th, 6th, 7th, 11th & OW session on Jan 12th.
  • Winter/Spring schedule coming up soon!