rescue diver program


This program is 64 hours in length. Students must be certified equivalent to an ISO/WRSTC Open Water Diver or higher. The Rescue Diver program takes the student from the Open Water level and begins to advance their training in areas including rescue, search, recovery, and emergency management techniques. The courses teach students how to prevent problems before the problems happen, solve problems when problems occur, and how to deal with extended care. Upon completion, the student is then eligible to enroll in the Divemaster Program. Possible vocations upon completion of the Rescue Diver Program include, but are not limited to: Public Safety Diving, rescue diving, theatre/film safety diver, scientific research diver, search & recovery dive team, work with aquariums, and working for dive operations/retailers.

The program consists of the following courses:

  • Advanced Training

  • Stress & Rescue

  • Search & Recovery

  • React Right (CPR, First Aid, AED)

  • DAN Dive Emergency Management Provider (DEMP)

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Advanced Training

Course Prerequisite: ISO/WRSTC Open Water Diver.

Course Hours: 18.

Course Description: The Advanced Training course is designed to broaden the student’s knowledge of diving into various specialty diving activities. This gives the student a better understanding of diving as it pertains to different environments and activities. For example, it introduces the student to deep diving, underwater navigation, underwater digital imaging, proper buoyancy control, search & recovery, and wreck diving.

The classroom focuses on developing the student’s knowledge, while the pool sessions focus on further developing the student’s underwater skills. The open water training dives focus on improving diving skills as well as applying the knowledge and skills developed in the class and pool sessions. This course is Pass/Fail as the class is performance based.

Mandatory Equipment:
SSI Digital Textbook

Stress & Rescue

Course Prerequisite: ISO/WRSTC Open Water Diver.

Certification for CPR, First Aid, and Oxygen Administration within the 24 months directly preceding completion of the course.

Course Hours: 20.

Course Description: The Stress & Rescue course introduces the student to being able to help others in diving situations. It teaches the student how to recognize problems at all stages, from preventing problems, to dealing with problems as they happen, to dealing with problems after they occur. The classroom sessions focus on the theories involved with subjects like stress and emergency management. The pool sessions focus on the practical application of assessing and assisting divers in trouble. The open water sessions focus on realistic situations that the diver might encounter. This course fine tunes the student’s ability to handle different situations.

Mandatory Equipment:
SSI Digital Textbook

Search & Recovery

Course Prerequisite: ISO/WRSTC Open Water Diver.

Course Hours: 12.

Course Description: The Search & Recovery course provides the skills and concepts required to safely plan and conduct search and recovery dives. You will learn about search patterns, specialized dive plans, underwater communication, and how to recover small to medium-sized objects using specialized equipment like lift bags.

Mandatory Equipment:
SSI Digital Textbook

React Right (CPR, First Aid, AED)

Course Prerequisite: There are no prerequisites.

Course Hours: 6.

Course Description: The React Right course is a CPR, Primary and Secondary care course that teaches the student layperson CPR, First Aid, and AED skills for adults, children and infants. This is a requirement for the Stress & Rescue course.

Mandatory Equipment:
SSI Digital Textbook


Course Prerequisite: Current CPR and First Aid certification.

Course Hours: 8.

Course Description: The DAN Dive Emergency Management Provider (DEMP) course teaches the student how to administer oxygen, perform a neurological assessment and how to treat hazardous marine life injuries. Oxygen administration is a standard procedure of care for most diving related accidents and is a necessary skill needed for all divers as well as the dive professional.

Mandatory Equipment:
DAN DEMP Student Kit

Pocket Mask
Emergency Management Slates
Safety Barriers

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