Rescue Course: build confidence
Think. Breathe. Respond.

You only have a second.

Do you stay on the boat or get in the water?

Rescue diver is designed to help you decide. It will help you become a better diver and become a better buddy. You'll know what you can do, what you can't do, and what you shouldn't do, so when that moment comes you'll be ready to respond. Challenge yourself to be the best diver you can be... become a Rescue Diver.


Rescue starts at $325!

You must be a certified diver, at least 12 years old, and have a current CPR/First Aid certification to take the Rescue Course.

You can either bring in proof of CPR/ First Aid certification or take our React Right course. You can also take the Rescue Diver Plus Course which includes React Right, DAN O2 and DEMP certifications.

Rescue Diver Course:

1) Aurora Reservoir $325

2) Store Trip $325

3) Blue Hole $425

Rescue Diver with CPR/First Aid Training (React Right):

1) Aurora $435

2) Store Trip $435

3) Blue Hole $535

Rescue Diver Plus (includes React Right, DAN O2 and DEMP):

1) Aurora Reservoir $575

2) Store Trip $575

3) Blue Hole $675

Student materials are required for each of these courses. The cost as shown above includes the materials for Rescue and CPR (if applicable). DAN courses materials are not included in the pricing ($40).

To better understand the Rescue Diver Plus options, please look at our React Right & DAN course descriptions.