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Underwater Connection, has been serving the Colorado Springs water sports community since 1989. What started as a scuba shop 25 years ago, has now grown into a legacy of aquatic adventures. Now offering everything you need for Whitewater Kayak, SUP, Swimming, Triathlon Aquatics, and of course, Scuba.

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Snorkeling and Skin Diving Lessons in Colorado Springs

Learn basic snorkeling and skin diving skills at our indoor pool in Colorado Springs!

Skin Diving

Did you know that a wide variety of beautiful and interesting aquatic life can be seen without ever putting on a scuba tank?

Snorkeling is a great way to see amazing things while having the comfort of the surface with you all the time.

Whether you've never been before and you want to learn the proper way to snorkel, or you've been a number of times and you want to learn how to dive with you snorkel, UWC can cater to your needs with private lesson!

This program is offered for people of all ages. Please contact us today about how you can start your adventure on beautiful reefs all over the world!

We have 2 options for this class:

Option 1 - snorkel lesson

Price: $40.00 per person

This is a private snorkeling lesson that teaches you the fundamentals of using a snorkel confidently and safely at the surface.

Option 2 - skin diver course

Price: $60.00 per person

This is a combination class of a snorkel lesson and teaching you how to dive with a snorkel. You'll learn useful underwater skills and breath techniques!