snorkeling party

If your child isn't quite old enough to have a Bubblemaker Party, have a snorkeling party instead!

Having a snorkeling party at UWC is a unique experience for the younger children to enjoy the pool while still learning basic snorkeling skills and having fun with their friends. There is no age requirement for this choice, just as long as the child can swim. Each parent will need to fill out the Discover Snorkeling and Skin Diving Release form the day of the party.  

Snorkeling Party Includes

  • 10 participants

  • Lifeguard/Swim Instructor or Dive Instructor to host the party

  • 1 - hour of pool time

  • Use of our snorkeling gear

  • Use of our underwater toys

  • 1 - hour of classroom time for cake and presents

 Cost: $200.00 for 10 participants, $10.00 for each additional child.

CONTACT US to schedule your one of a kind party today!