Ice Diving

Course Fee: $235.00

Learn how to safely explore the  underwater world when it’s covered with ice!

Learn the proper techniques and special equipment used for diving in a lake that is frozen over. 
Learn how to prepare, plan and be safe while diving where few have been!


What you will learn:

  • Learn to plan and organize ice dives.

  • Practice the procedures and techniques for handling the problems and hazards of ice diving.

  • Site selection, preparation, and hole-cutting procedures.

  • Use specialized ice diving equipment, safety lines, signals, communications, as well as line tending and line-securing techniques.

  • Learn about the effects of cold, emergency procedures, and safety-diver procedures.

  • Explore the unique aquascape found only under ice.




Required Materials:

*If you are signing up for more than one specialty, get great discounts by getting your student materials in bundles!

Recommended Materials / skills: 

  • Hood.

  • Gloves.

  • Dry suit.

  • Undergarments.


Number of dives: 2


Contact us if you have any questions!




Here are our scheduled dates for 2019 Winter’s Ice Diver Specialty:

  • Jan 8th & 9th - 6pm to 10pm (classroom & pool sessions)

  • Jan 11th & 12th - Open Water Dives