Photo & Video


Learn more about how to take better pictures and video by getting into a Photo & Video Class.

This specialty teaches you the skills needed to dive with an underwater camera, and provides the in-depth knowledge and experience required to properly use, maintain and store your equipment. Our goal is help you capture your amazing underwater experiences. The certification can be entirely completed in confined water.


What you will learn:

  • The Digital Revolution

  • Digital Cameras – Three Types

  • Digital Underwater Camera Systems

  • General Digital Photography

  • Digital Underwater Photography

  • Basic Underwater Shooting

  • Digital File Formats

  • Choosing Image Resolution

  • Making Your Underwater Photos Lighter or Darker

  • Examining and Adjusting Exposure Underwater

  • Getting Sharp Pictures Underwater

  • Composing Your Photos for Maximum Effect

  • Basic Underwater Strobe Use

  • Using Built-In Flash Underwater

  • Using External Flash Underwater




Required Materials:

*If you are signing up for more than one specialty, get great discounts by getting your student materials in bundles!

Recommended Materials / skills: 


Number of dives: In water training is required. All training is conducted in confined water at UWC.

If you would like to practice the skills you learned in Open Water with an instructor, we can arrange that! 
The cost is $50 per open water dive.

Contact us if you have any questions!