Search & Recovery

Course Fee: $175.00*

Have you ever lost something in the water and thought it was lost forever?

This program provides the skills and concepts required to safely plan and conduct search and recovery dives. You will learn about search patterns, specialized dive plans, underwater communication, and how to recover small to medium-sized objects using specialized equipment like lift bags.  Great specialty to be paired with the Rescue Course!

What you will learn:

  • The planning, organization, and procedures of search and recovery diving.

  • The problems, hazards, and techniques used in limited visibility diving and underwater navigation.

  • Proper techniques and safety considerations for object location, including the use of various search patterns, lines, and reels.

  • Proper techniques and safety considerations for recovery of objects using various lifting devices.

*If paired with the Rescue training, you get a $60 discount on your Search & Recovery specialty!



Required Materials:

*If you are signing up for more than one specialty, get great discounts by getting your student materials in bundles!

Recommended Materials / skills: 

  • Compass

  • Reel or finger spool

  • Lift bag


Number of dives: 2


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