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Underwater Connection, has been serving the Colorado Springs water sports community since 1989. What started as a scuba shop 25 years ago, has now grown into a legacy of aquatic adventures. Now offering everything you need for Whitewater Kayak, SUP, Swimming, Triathlon Aquatics, and of course, Scuba.

Join the movement, live your life.

Open Water Course


Purchase your next class here! UWC offers classes from entry level to pros. Once you buy the class and student materials, calls us to choose the dates that suit you best.

Open Water Course


Open Water Course

from 350.00

The Open Water Course is the first certification you need to go on your SCUBA diving adventures!

To enroll in an Open Water Course you need adequate swimming skills and need to be in reasonably good physical health. No prior experience with scuba diving is required.  Millions of people have learned to scuba dive and have gone on to discover the wonders of the aquatic world through this course.


All students must be registered with our Dive Center in order to get access to student materials. Even if you are not sure when you want to take the class yet, registering is free and will save you a step later on. Click HERE to register now!

Lastly, all scuba diving classes require a current medical release (it expires every 12 months). All questions must be answered with a fully written YES or NO. If any answer is a YES, please have your physician fill out page 2 and bring it with you on the day of your class. If all the answers are NO, you do not need a physician's signature.

Take time to read it ahead of class so you have the chance to make any appointments with your physician, if needed.

You can find the most current version of the Scuba Medical Release here.


When filling out the student form for your class, you will have the chance to tell us which dates work best for you. If there is still availability for that particular class, we'll reserve your spot and you are all set! In case the class you choose is already full, our staff will call you to schedule to a different class instead.

Classes have a maximum amount of students allowed.

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Included in your course fees:

  • All Class, pool & open water training (when applicable).

  • Student digital materials.

  • Use of all equipment for class & pool sessions.

  • Digital certification card (valid for life and internationally recognized).

  • Free Pool Practice voucher (1x if you do only Part 1 with UWC, 2x if you do Part 1 & 2).

  • Printed certification card (to be picked up at UWC the week after completion of Open Water dives).

Not included in your course fees:

  • Surface Signal Tube (one required per buddy system).

  • Transportation.

  • Meals.

  • Rental equipment for open water dives (when applicable).

  • Park permit.

  • Parking fees.

  • Hotel lodging in open water site (when applicable).

  • Any make up sessions needed in case sessions are not completed.