Underwater Navigator

Course Fee: $150


Have you gone diving and gotten so involved with an activity you forgot where you were or which direction you came from?  This can be solved by taking the Navigation course. You will learn how to use a compass and how to utilize natural references.  It will also help build your confidence to go where you want and still be able to get back where you started.

 What you will learn:

  • The benefits of mastering underwater navigation, techniques for estimating distance underwater, and the use of natural navigation references and techniques.

  • Common patterns for underwater navigation, compass use, techniques to avoiding errors when using a compass, the use of permanent shore landmarks to relocate underwater sites, and the use of compass bearings to fix and locate underwater sites.

  • Additional navigational tools and instruments and techniques to use them effectively while navigating multi-heading courses underwater.



Required Materials:

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Recommended Materials / skills: 


Number of dives: 2


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